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Where does the baby bib come from?

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Do you still remember the days when your younger self or younger siblings were up in a high chair eating baby food which were mainly Gerber and other mashed fruits? Your mum would’ve forcefully tied a bib around your neck or your sibling's neck to avoid the mess from eating and spitting food out. I remember when my cousin Margaret was around two to three years old, my aunt Lea would put her up on the hand-me down high chair and it would take two people just to put the bib on Margaret. If we did not put a bib around my little cousin, the mess would be harder to clean later on.

Bibs are worn and hanged around the neck of a baby just in case there are any spills or any “messy” and sticky situations but where exactly did this bib originate from? The word bib or verb word bib was derived from the Latin word bibire, was reported to be around since the late 1500s around 1580 to 1590 which means “to drink” or “soaked up spills”.

The term bib or presently known as baby bib refers to the part of a garment that covers the chest which is similar to an apron but cut shorter up until the chest. There are other uses of the bib some other uses can be seen in sports and medical use and adult bibs when they are eating.

Even if you are not a parent, using a baby bib will literally save your life when you feed your siblings or any younger kid you have to take good care of most especially when they are eating.

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